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What does The Writing Club focus on ?


Spelling, grammar and punctuation analysis, proofreading and language techniques, as well as growth and use of an extensive vocabulary.


Not all writing is the same. Students learn how to write academic essays, narrative, persuasive and informative writing, as well as news articles, blog writing and journal writing.


Developing exam strategies and advanced comprehension skills

Why should you choose The Writing Club for your child?

The Writing Club only tutors small groups, usually up to 7 students. This ensures your child receives the attention they need. Our student-centred focus allows teachers to form a strong knowledge of your child’s potential and individual requirements and offer them personalised feedback on their writing

Fully qualified and experienced, our teachers know the courses we offer have a huge impact on young lives.  Their passion for what they do shines through, knowing they are making a positive difference.

With curriculum and testing models constantly changing, we ensure our courses are curriculum compliant and work with your child for the best possible outcome in their Naplan and Selective School Testing.

We get to know your child, their strengths and weaknesses, as well as exactly what needs to improve for them to ace their writing tests. Our teachers use positive reinforcement and encouragement when giving feedback.

So, What Are You Waiting For?
Give Your Child The Best Opportunity to acquire A Life-Long Skill They’ll Always Be Grateful For.

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